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January 2018 Archives

Virginia lawmakers look to reform juvenile crime laws

There is a trend in Virginia that some refer to as the "school-to-prison pipeline." This entails criminally charging minors for acts occurring at school that in the past have only been penalized through an in-school detention. In fact, the Center for Public Integrity reports that in 2015 Virginia lead the nation in criminally charging minors. However, some Virginia lawmakers are making an effort to address this issue.

Virginians facing criminal charges can seek a strong advocate

When a person in Virginia is charged with a crime, it can change the trajectory of their life in a major way. Their very freedom is at stake, their rights may have been violated and their reputation and livelihood may be hanging on by a thread, all depending on whether they are found "guilty" or "not guilty." It is at times like this that it is important for a person to have legal assistance, to help see them through the criminal trial process and advocate for their rights.

Property division and divorce could impact one's credit score

Married couples in Virginia may be keeping an eye on their credit score for a variety of reasons. They may be looking to buy a home, a new car or even something fun such as a boat or an RV. And, some simply want to be financially savvy when it comes to their own money, and will keep an eye on their credit score simply so they know where they stand. However, divorce is a reality that many couples eventually face. What they should know, however, is that getting a divorce can have an effect on their credit score due to a variety of circumstances.

Protecting one's business in the property division process

Many married people in Virginia are successful entrepreneurs, building a business from the ground up. In addition, many of these entrepreneurs are married. However, not every marriage is meant to last. When a business owner is facing the prospect of divorce, they may wonder how to protect their interest in the business through the property division process. After all, most people going through a divorce do not relish the thought of being a business partner with their ex. Fortunately, there are still some steps business owners can take to protect their business.

Three charged with DUI in Virginia over New Year's holiday

Perhaps because it is a time when many people are attending parties and staying up late, but police in Virginia are often on high alert over the New Year's holiday for those who may be committing crimes, particularly drunk driving. In fact, three individuals in Loudoun County are now facing multiple criminal charges, including driving under the influence, after being arrested during the recent holiday weekend.

Raising a child after divorce through co-parenting

When a couple in Virginia has a child, they naturally want to give their child the best upbringing possible. If they are in a romantic relationship with one another, parents will work together to provide their child with all of the child's physical, mental and emotional needs. However, even if their relationship does not last, parents will find that they may still be able to work together to raise their child. They can do this through co-parenting.

Why to execute a prenuptial agreement before your wedding

The New Year is here, and many couples in Leesburg that got engaged in 2017 are finalizing their plans for their 2018 wedding. Whether they plan on marrying on Valentine's Day in February, or whether they are planning for an autumn wedding this year, it is never too late for them to think about their financial futures, both as a married couple and as individuals. While no couple in love can anticipate divorcing, the fact of the matter is that divorce does happen.

Do I have to take field sobriety tests if asked?

A previous post on this blog talked about what could happen to a Leesburg, Virginia, resident if he or she refuses to take an official breath or blood test after an officer conducts a valid DUI stop and asks them to take this test. Basically, a person can wind up with a very lengthy license suspension, even if he or she ultimately does not get convicted of or even wind up facing drunk driving charges.

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