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How can mediation help with child custody?

Mediation is an alternate approach to litigation for many divorce-related concerns, including child custody. Mediation can help couples more peacefully and efficiently resolve some of the contentious issues they have to face during their divorce process such as child custody.

Divorcing couples may not be familiar with the mediation process at all or may have heard of it but are uncertain how it may be able to help them and with their divorce. Mediation provides a host of benefits compared to the alternative which is typically to litigate contested divorce-related issues at increased time and cost to the couple. Divorce litigation can also result in more acrimony and be harder on children and the divorcing spouses.

That is why mediation offers an alternative to divorcing couples that they should be aware of and familiar with. Some of the advantages of the mediation process include that it can help divorcing couples resolve their child custody and other concerns in a manner that is quicker and less costly. Additionally, because not as much information is entered into the public record because the couple’s divorce case is not being litigated in court, mediation can also be a more private and less formal alternative to consider when compared to divorce litigation. It also commonly provides the divorcing couple with greater flexibility and control over their outcomes, including a child custody arrangement that is best for their family.

The mediation process can be easier overall on relationships and also provide a process for how divorce-related concerns that come up down the road can be effectively addressed. All in all, mediation is a valuable alternative for divorcing couples to consider that may be able to meet their most serious divorce-related concerns and needs.

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