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What is the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program?

According to the state of Virginia, 86 percent of all criminal activity is related to alcohol or drugs. As a result of that belief, the state has been working hard to reduce those behaviors since at least 1966, when the MANN Commission was formed to assess accepting funding through the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1966.

My license is suspended without an ignition interlock. What's up?

Virginia has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation, and that includes requiring even first-time DUI offenders to install a Breathalyzer-like device in their cars in order to keep driving. As you may know, even a first-time conviction for DUI in Virginia could get your driver's license revoked for up to a year.

2 counts of DUI manslaughter = 24 years. Still '2 drunk 2 care'?

In the Internet Age, few events of any interest go unnoticed, and an unfortunate tweet can make you famous -- or infamous. Such was the case for a young woman who was arrested on suspicion of DUI in the aftermath of a head-on collision that killed two people. Earlier that evening she had tweeted "2 drunk 2 care."

Could a passenger's open container get you charged with DUI?

Yes. Under Virginia law, if a partially-consumed container of alcohol is found in the passenger area of your vehicle and you seem drunk to a cop, the law begins with the assumption that you're intoxicated. This is an aspect of Virginia's "open container" law, ยง 18.2-323.1.

Know Virginia law on alcohol, boating and summer fun with kids

Summer finally seems to be on its way, so we thought now would be a good time to cover some dos and don'ts of enjoying alcoholic beverages during summer activities -- especially when you're with kids. As you may already know, Virginia law considers boating under the influence of alcohol to be the exact same offense as DUI involving a car, motorcycle or truck. Here are a few other tips about mixing alcohol or drugs with outdoor fun.

What counts as felony DUI -- and what are the consequences?

For decades, states across the nation have been trying to figure out the best way to handle intoxicated driving. As a result, Virginia and most other states have passed laws making DUI a felony in certain situations, but what's considered a felony varies. In Virginia, there are essentially four situations in which a DUI-related offense could be charged as a felony:

Study: alcohol marketing linked to drinking among underaged

Marketing today comes at us in more forms than ever. We’re inundated online with web banners and paid search results, while offline there’s not only a constant assault of high-volume TV commercials but also traditional advertising such as billboards, made over with digital graphics. While many of our Loudoun County readers might reasonably assume that young people today are tuned mainly into their smartphones, research shows that those between ages 18 and 20 are actually the group most heavily exposed to alcohol brand ads in magazines.

Operation Border to Border results in 20 DUI arrests

Virginia State Police were out in force last weekend as part of a six-state Rt. 15 enforcement effort. Operation Border to Border included law enforcement in New York, Maryland. South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Virginia toughens DUI penalties again

If you're a Virginia resident, the Commonwealth's Department of Motor Vehicles wants you to know of several important changes to law taking effect on July 1. We already have some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation, a designation we are sure to keep after the General Assembly stiffened our drunk driving penalties once again.

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