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Three arrested in alleged cocaine trafficking ring

Some drug arrests come about more or less by chance. For example, many people are found to be in possession of illegal drugs during routine traffic stops. Other drug arrests come about as the result of long investigations. These are likely to lead to serious charges of drug trafficking and other crimes.

Expungement of police and court records in Virginia

Being arrested and charged with a crime is an extremely unpleasant experience, but the consequences can also be unpleasant. A written record of the arrest and criminal charge can follow a person for an entire lifetime, adversely affecting job possibilities, credit and other important personal matters. Virginia law permits certain persons to remove their name and other information from the state's police and court records. The process is called "expungement," and it is available to anyone who has been charged with a crime and then either acquitted or has the charges dismissed.

Ex-EDA director charged with fraud and embezzlement felonies

Local economic development authorities in Virginia disburse large sums of money in their efforts to spark local development. According to recent reports, the former director of the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority was recently arrested and charged with several fraud-related crimes in connection with her former duties.

Surge in industrial hemp market creates problems for police

Virginia police are familiar with the concept of blood alcohol content, the percentage of alcohol in a person's blood. If tests show a person has a BAC of more than 0.08%, the person is legally deemed to be drunk and cannot drive. Now, Virginia police have a different problem that also depends upon chemical concentration - the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana.

Elementary teacher arrested for allegedly being drunk at school

Two substances that do not mix well - public school property and alcohol - are posing a significant threat to an elementary school physical education instructor who has been charged with drinking and possessing alcoholic beverages on public school grounds.

Helping you develop a strong criminal defense

No matter the severity of the allegations, facing criminal charges can be a serious and overwhelming situation. For some, it may appear to be a situation in which they have few options. However, anyone accused of a crime has the ability to assert a defense. Doing so not only allows the facts of the matter to be considered, but it could also help defendants clear their names and reduce the impact the allegations could have on their personal and professional reputation.

Speeding tickets can affect your life for years to come

Seeing the red and blue lights of a police vehicle flashing in your rearview mirror while driving is never a welcome sight. The matter only gets worse if you end up receiving a speeding ticket or some other citation for a traffic offense. When a person in Virginia is convicted of a traffic offense, such as speeding, that person will receive demerit points on his or her driving record. The number of points assigned depends on how serious the offense was. How long the points stay on a motorist's record depends on how serious the offense was.

Can you be charged with reckless driving if you're not speeding?

Sometimes driving on highways in Virginia can be a real hassle, especially during a busy rush hour. It may be tempting to try to speed, or in some other fashion try to get to our destinations quicker. However, if doing so puts the safety of others in danger, it could constitute the crime of reckless driving.

Codeine can lead to possession charges but can cold medicine?

It is well-known that certain illicit substances have the potential to cause substantial harm, and thus possession of these substances is illegal. Some of these dangerous substances include heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. However, sometimes even the possession of prescription or over-the-counter drugs can be illegal in Virginia under federal law.

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