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July 2016 Archives

The 5 components of VASAP

If you have been charged with a drug- or alcohol-related crime, you probably know that the penalties can be steep. You may have heard of a program called Virginia's Alcohol Safety Action Program but you may not be aware of its purpose or how it might benefit you in the event you are charged with an alcohol-related driving crime. The program is designed to educate drivers and thereby decrease the likelihood of a person operating a motor vehicle while influenced by drugs or alcohol.

Primary caregivers and child custody

When deciding on child custody matters during a divorce, a judge will often give physical custody to the parent who serves as the primary caretaker of the child. Any Virginia resident who is seeking custody of his or her child will benefit from understanding how being a primary caregiver can affect a child custody decision.

The ignition interlock device

When you are charged with a DUI and subsequently convicted for a second or third time within a decade's span, you face substantially more serious consequences than you may on a first offense. One major adjustment you may struggle with is the enforcement of an ignition interlock device in your primary vehicle and any other vehicle you operate.

Child support and credit in Virginia

According to NPR, Americans owed over $113 billion in child support in 2015. Typically, child support debt is reported to credit agencies by the agency responsible for collecting the debt. Therefore, failing to pay could have consequences for an individual's credit report and score. This also means that paying child support on time could improve an individual's credit situation.

DUI charges face a wrong-way driver on Interstate 81

Sometimes there is no disputing a drunk driving charge. Even if you did not allow a breath test, one may have been required. Even if you were successful in the refusal, the factors around your charges may be irrefutable and in that case, you may feel compelled to admit your guilt and accept your sentence. However, even if you feel true guilt and would like to proceed with punishment, it is important to understand how far-reaching the consequences can be and how important it still is to have an advocate on your side.

Divorce can reveal lack of financial skills in one partner

Many Virginia residents have heard at least one divorce horror story. Typically, one spouse leaves the financial decisions and tasks to the other. When the marriage ends, one person does not get the financial settlement that was expected, especially when the couple had a lot of assets. Advisers recommend that spouses play an equal role in handling money. In the event of a divorce, the participation of both people in their joint financial life could build the foundation for a fair and equitable resolution.

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