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April 2018 Archives

When might a prenuptial agreement be unenforceable?

When a couple in Virginia executes a premarital agreement, commonly referred to as a "prenuptial agreement," they may feel confident that it is air-tight and will serve them both well should their marriage come to an end. However, when a couple decides to divorce, there can be many disputes. Sometimes, one party even tries to challenge the terms of the premarital agreement, especially if they want out of it. The following are some ways a premarital agreement may be deemed unenforceable in a divorce.

Think pragmatically when it comes to finances and divorce

When a person in Leesburg decides to end their marriage, that person may experience many different emotions. There may be sadness that the relationship did not work out, and anger at the soon-to-be ex-spouse for any behaviors that lead up to the divorce. However, there may even be relief that an unhappy relationship has come to an end, and perhaps even happiness at the thought of getting a fresh start. With all of these emotions swirling in a person's head, it can sometimes be difficult to think pragmatically. However, it is important not to let your emotions cloud your judgement, especially when it comes to finances and divorce.

Teacher in Virginia accused of DWI following accident

Being a teacher is a very respected occupation. Parents across Virginia put great faith in those tasked with educating their children. After all, having a good education as a child can pave the way to great success throughout the child's lifetime. However, if a teacher is accused of a crime, it could affect both their professional career as well as their personal life.

Mediation may help parents make child custody decisions

Sometimes some of the toughest and most emotional decisions parents in Virginia must make when they are getting a divorce have to deal with child custody. It can be difficult to reconcile that there will be times when your child is not in your care, but will be in the care of your ex-spouse periodically. Moreover, such important decisions can be difficult to make if you and your ex-spouse still have hard feelings against one another.

Facing drunk driving charges is a serious situation

Most people who know they're going to a place where they'll be drinking alcohol will have some sort of plan for getting home safely. Of course, drinking in moderation, or not at all, and making sure you are sober when it's time to leave is an option that many people decide is right for them. After all, it is possible to have just one drink with a meal and not become drunk in the slightest. Unfortunately, police in Virginia are always on the lookout for those they think are driving under the influence, and they will not hesitate to pull someone over based on that suspicion.

Does genetics play a role in the likelihood of divorce?

Given the many complexities and experiences in any given marital relationship, it is no surprise that there are many things that go into a couple's decision to end their marriage. People in Virginia contemplating divorce may be musing over what actions or inactions lead to the demise of their marriage. One study, however, suggests that genetics may play a role.

Don't underestimate the impact of juvenile crimes

Parents in Leesburg do their best to raise their children to become kind, respectful, self-sufficient and productive members of society. However, part of growing up is making mistakes, and sometimes a teenager is accused of doing something illegal. This situation might not seem so serious at first, but parents and teens must keep in mind that a criminal conviction acquired in their youth can impact their entire future.

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